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The Poetry Vending Machine

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This groundbreaking installation is a pioneering attempt to bring both poetry and art to the people in small, easily grasped containers, which you can purchase for a small fee.

Instructions for use

The machine vends original poetry and artwork. Each piece is new and especially created for the PVM.

Once you are the proud owner of a PVM product, keep it in your pocket and feel good. Or you can leave it lying around to demonstrate your cutting edge approach to culture.

InPrint and the poetry vending machine

InPrint was founded in 2003 to tour Norfolk with a highly successful exhibition facilitated by Creative Arts East. It is an innovative group of artists and poets from Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex working in collaboration across a range of art forms - print, text, sculpture, digital and traditional image making, readings and performance.

We exhibit our work together and in 2005 launched the first Poetry Vending Machine (PVM) which dispenses quality boxes of images, words, sculptural forms and more from converted vending machines.

We are also involved in the community through teaching and performing, and have received an Arts Council Grants for the Arts award to develop and expand the collaborative work of the group.

InPrint members at the Norwich Playhouse
InPrint members at the Playhouse in Norwich
(clockwise from left to right): Rupert Mallin, Annette Rolston,
Mike Fenton, Tim Lenton, Lisa D'Onofrio and Caroline Gilfillan.

For more information see the InPrint website: